If you’re getting ready to entrust a loved one in the care of hospice, you may be feeling overwhelmed with options, and you may be feeling uncertain about what to do. In this article, we’ll go over the differences between local management and large corporations. 

When you choose local hospice care, you reap many benefits that the big corporation facilities don’t provide. 

For one, Oklahoma Palliative & Hospice Care is locally operated. That means that your community is our community. Our kids go to the same schools as your kids, we shop at the same grocery stores, and we love supporting and being a part of this community. Being in the same neighborhood we serve enhances the level of care we provide.

Being locals ourselves also provides an economic advantage for our community. We employ 40 Oklahoma natives touching thousands of patients and their families since our opening in 2004.

Local hospice care providers are also able to provide a low nurse to patient ratio that big corporation hospice care centers can’t afford to provide. This means local hospice centers like Oklahoma Palliative & Hospice Care can focus on our patients, making them as comfortable and as happy as possible. This also allows us to offer unlimited nutritional and incontinence supplies and expanded DME offerings to meet their unique needs.

At its core, the biggest problem with large corporation hospice care is their values and level of care are not what you have come to know and expect from local hospice providers.

At Oklahoma Palliative and Hospice Care, we want people to understand that choosing to partner with hospice on this journey is not ‘giving up’ – but rather choosing not to go it alone. The benefits to patients and caregivers are quite tangible; the committed team of hospice specialists helps to navigate the difficult journey toward the end of life. The palliative and hospice care team’s primary goal is to keep patients safe, comfortable, and at home – allowing them to focus on how they live the time they have left. 

Like so many others, these caregiver’s jobs have been made more challenging during this pandemic. We salute all our front-line palliative and hospice care workers who provide the highest medical care levels, with emotional and spiritual support, for their patients and families. When done correctly, there isn’t a more tangible expression of care.