Did you know that April 17-23 marks Volunteer Awareness Week? The week marks the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation to our amazing hospice and palliative care volunteers who dedicate their lives to caring for some of the population’s most vulnerable patients.

Our volunteers provide our hospice and palliative care communities with a wide array of selfless services, including visiting with patients, delivering supplies, helping with office duties, and providing a listening ear and open heart to patients and their families.

Showing Appreciation

If you’d like to say “thank you” to that special volunteer in your life during this week of recognition, here are some simple ideas:

  • Drop off a coffee and a sweet note at their work or volunteer location.
  • Take them to lunch at their favorite spot.
  • Give them a gift card for Starbucks (or their favorite local coffee shop), a manicure, or a dinner at their favorite restaurant.
  • Send them flowers or chocolate.
  • Simply saying “thank you” is enough for most volunteers.

What do Hospice Volunteers Do?

If you’re interested in becoming a hospice volunteer, you should know there is a volunteer job for everyone’s interest, skills, and experience. Some of the things our loving volunteers help with include:

  • Patient grocery shopping and errand-running
  • Driving patients to appointments
  • Preparing patient meals
  • Helping with chores around the house
  • Providing comfort, support, and companionship
  • Helping the patient’s caregiver with errands and chores or watching the patient so the caregiver can have some time to themselves
  • Playing instruments for the patient(s)
  • Providing massage therapy and/or acupuncture to the patient(s) (certified massage therapist/acupuncturist)
  • Painting the patient’s nails
  • Washing, styling, and even cutting the patient’s hair (certified beautician)
  • Constantly keeping the patient’s care team abreast of the patient’s needs and any changes
  • Answering phone calls at the hospice facility
  • Helping with fundraising campaigns and event set-up and takedown
  • Helping with data entry and other clerical duties at the hospice facility 

Get Involved Today!

Hospice volunteers are the backbone of hospice and palliative care. They take the burden off of caregivers and other family members while ensuring the patient is cared for, accompanied, and that their needs are met. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a hospice volunteer, please contact us today.