Faith Initiative

Faith initiativeThe majority of Americans 65 and over have a strong history in the faith community and have attended services routinely in their past. As they become less able, their attendance declines and finally ends resulting in them missing out on much needed fellowship, encouragement, prayer, singing, communion, spiritual and physical assistance and in some cases financial assessment. With statistics indicating that by January 1, 2016 over 10,000 Americans will cross the threshold of age 65 every day, the church must be ready to provide the resources, education, and care needed to help their people in time of need. With that said, Oklahoma Hospice Care will encourage the faith based community to partner with us as we endeavor to provide their aging community the care that they need and the comfort that they deserve.

Church ServicesSpiritual pain and suffering is just as real and powerful as physical or emotional pain, Oklahoma Hospice Care is aware of this and emphasizes spiritual care. There are many spiritual and religious issues people who have a serious illness may face and struggle with.

Oklahoma Hospice Care and faith communities share a deep concern for spiritual care. Serious illness, caregiving, the end-of-life and grief raise many spiritual issues, including questions of meaning, purpose, guilt, forgiveness, suffering, healing and hope.

Faith communities express a desire to help during this important time. A shared concern for spiritual care creates a natural connection among our hospice, and faith based communities and a common ground for education, dialogue and partnership. There are many spiritual and religious issues people with serious illnesses face and struggle with including:

Meaning and Purpose

Many people who are very ill question what their life means. They may wonder if they have done anything positive or lasting with their life. Some people ask “Why me?” or “Why now?” or “Why this illness?” The search for meaning and purpose may bring up a wide range of emotions, from anger and loss to relief and peace. Struggling with these questions can be a normal part of dealing with illness.

Guilt and Forgiveness

As people face illness, they may reflect on difficult situations and experiences in the past. They may feel guilty about or blame others for things that have happened.

Spiritual Care

Loss of Faith

Living with a serious illness can cause people to question their spiritual beliefs or faith. They may explore thoughts and feelings that differ from long-held beliefs. They may become angry with God, their religion, themselves, or with others who think they should believe a certain way.

Faith Brochure

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