Christian Principles

To provide the highest level of comfort and care, honoring and respecting the dignity of each individual, and enhancing the quality of living at the end of life, under the guidance of Christian principles.

Christian Principle for Businesses: Communicate the Vision

Businesses must have a stated vision (a purpose; an understanding), for its existence. From a Biblical perspective, a business vision must line up with the Word of God. As a business involves more than one person, the vision for the business must be communicated and it must be clear to all.

See Scripture Commentary: Habakkuk 2:2 advises us to write the vision and make it plain.

Christian Principle for Businesses: Plan for Risks Before You Act

Every successful business has to take risks to be successful. Smart planning and execution can mitigate many risks. Many times the larger the risk, the more the opportunity. At the same time, the larger risk that is taken can result in more opportunities for failure.

See Scripture Commentary: Luke 14:28 advises us that before we build something we must count the costs to assure we can finish what we start.

Christian Principle for Businesses: Be Diligent

Being in business is a long-term venture. Being industrious, hardworking, and having perseverance in business will pay in the long run. Other businesses and people in authority will seek out diligent and capable business partners.

See Scripture Commentary: Proverbs 22:29 advises us that the diligent in business will stand before kings.

Christian Principle for Businesses: Hard Work Brings Increase

The Bible tells us that those who work hard in business will see increase. God blesses businesses that base their work ethic on initiative and honest, hard work. On the other hand, ill-gotten wealth will not be permanent.

See Scripture Commentary: Proverbs 13:11 advises that those that work hard shall see increase.

Christian Principle for Businesses: Do Not Cheat The Customer

This may seem like common sense, but for some businesses their motto is “do not get caught cheating the customer”. In Biblical times merchants cheated customers by using inflated scale weights when measuring produce and goods that they sold to customers.

See Scripture Commentary: Deuteronomy 25:15 advises businesses to have a perfect and just scale.

Christian Principle for Businesses: Sell Quality

All businesses should be in a position where they know their product or service is good. The only way to do this is a lot of hard work and a focus on quality.

See Scripture Commentary: Proverbs 31:18 tells us of the virtuous woman that knows her merchandise is of good quality.

Christian Principle for Businesses: Foster Good Trading Relationships

One of the reasons King Solomon was so successful was he fostered good trading relationships. King Solomon’s wisdom in the area of trade and commerce enable everyone to profit and show increase. He worked with governments and with merchants to encourage trade.

See Scripture Commentary: 1st Kings 10:15 tells us of how he fostered good trade relations for his merchants and other countries.

Christian Principle for Businesses: Be Honest in All Business Dealings

Honesty in business means no false advertising. It means selling products and services that provide value to the customer. A business should never knowingly sell inferior goods or services that may harm the customer. A business should be open in all of its business dealings so as to not even give the perception of dishonesty.

See Scripture Commentary: Romans 12:17 advises to do no man evil and provide things in honesty and in openness.