VeteranHonoring Our Service Heroes

Veterans have served to provide security for us and our country. We believe they should be served in their time of need in a way that recognizes, honors and responds to the unique needs of the Veteran and their family. Our team members are end-of-life experts who have received education and training on identifying, assessing and meeting the needs of Veterans and their families from the time of referral through bereavement services.

Oklahoma Hospice Care partners with the Veterans Administration to serve our hero’s in their time of need. Oklahoma Hospice Care has created Veteran-specific educational material and presentations to staff, volunteers and the community. The organization has also partnered with local organizations to collaboratively serve Veterans, and has participated in events to honor veterans in our service area.

Veterans CareOklahoma Hospice Care demonstrates a sound commitment to serving our nations heroes.  We have a commitment for improving care for Veterans. Partners, acting with us, can improve the quality of life for our Veterans, and using resources for providing end-of-life care to Veterans. By recognizing the unique needs of our nation’s Veterans who are facing a life-limiting illness, Oklahoma Hospice Care is able to accompany and guide Veterans and their families toward a more peaceful ending. And in cases there may be specific needs related to the Veteran’s military service, combat experience or other traumatic events, Oklahoma Hospice Care will strive to have the tools to help support those they are caring for.

Oklahoma Hospice Care will focus on respectful inquiry, compassionate listening and grateful acknowledgement, coupled with Veteran-centric education of health care staff caring for Veterans.   America’s Veterans have served our country and we believe it is time to serve them.

If you are a Veteran or active duty military personnel and would like to learn about volunteering for Oklahoma Hospice Care please contact the office nearest you. Volunteers help Oklahoma Hospice Care honor patients who are veterans by presenting special recognition such as certificates, coins and pins. These simple acts have a profound impact on Veterans nearing the end of life. Oklahoma Hospice Care is an organization dedicated to providing the care and the comfort patients and loved ones need during times of life-limiting illnesses.

We believe their service to our country and the cause of freedom in the world is something everyone should recognize and appreciate. Adjusting employee’s work schedules to allow them to fulfill their service is an important commitment to something we feel is our duty as good corporate citizens.

Veterans Program Brochure


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