The nursing staff took amazing care of my son for two and a half years.

Definitely recommend. We have such amazing sweet ladies caring for our Gran. Not only do they have love and care for Gran, with me being her primary care giver, they give me the same love, care and concern of my wellbeing. They’re angels and I’m lucky/blessed to have them.

The quality of care is excellent. The staff truly cares about their patient.

Oklahoma Palliative & Hospice Care has supported me twice this year. My father passed in April, and my sister in October. Our nurse Deanna was more than a professional; she was a connection, a rock, a friend. No matter when I reached out to her, she was there, and she understood. The chaplain Caleb offered me the gift of truly listening when I desperately needed to process conflicting spiritual emotions. And we have another talk scheduled, so I still feel very supported. The aide Laneesha came to shower/bathe my sister (no easy feat!) and was right there with supplies when I needed them. I will forever be appreciative to the hospice agency for helping me get through these very difficult times.

I love this hospice. They have hired one of the best nurses I’ve seen in the medical field in a long time. We only deal with her nurse Ms. Deanna. Who is absolutely wonderful an has always been there for our family. Even if she’s not on call she has always returned my calls an resolved my issue or my mothers. I simple can NOT speak highly enough of the company who hires people like her. She is simple the BEST. There is no better in our families opinion. In fact we love her like family.